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GAF Halibut

At Pacific Parallax, the extraordinary halibut fishing experience we offer is a testament to Captain Aaron Bean's lifetime of expertise and dedication to the trade. Captain Bean's extensive background in both the commercial and sport fishing sectors lends a profound depth to our approach. Renowned as a top producer in the region, his unique ability to target massive Halibut has earned him widespread recognition. With Captain Bean at the helm, we strategically navigate diverse fishing areas, honing in on prime locations for larger halibut. Beyond the thrill of hooking these giants, the captivating challenge of landing them presents an exhilarating endeavor. Often requiring the coordinated efforts of two or more individuals, this process adds a new dimension to your fishing adventure. This dynamic interaction allows you to truly fathom the strength and magnitude of the halibut you're reeling in. Just as Captain Bean's expertise is at the heart of our fishing approach, our commitment to delivering unparalleled moments extends throughout every facet of your journey with us. At Pacific Parallax, you'll discover an adventure that combines Captain Aaron Bean's mastery with the thrill of landing remarkable halibut, crafting memories that will last a lifetime.


Enhance Your Halibut Fishing with Pacific Parallax's GAF Halibut Program.


Welcome to the exclusive Guided Angler Fish (GAF) program offered by Pacific Parallax. This innovative program is designed to elevate your halibut fishing experience beyond limits and regulations.


Unleash Your Catch Potential:


With Pacific Parallax's GAF halibut program, you gain the remarkable privilege to retain additional halibut that might otherwise be released due to specific regulations. Our limited number of GAF  halibut opens doors for you to maximize your catch, promising an adventure like no other.


Halibut Fishing Freedom, Your Way:


Think of the GAF halibut program as an added layer of possibility. You're on the water, and you've hooked a halibut that regulations may necessitate releasing under certain circumstances. Now, the choice is yours—to release the fish or keep it as a GAF halibut. Consider the accompanying $600 fee as a way to unlock this exceptional opportunity, a true investment in maximizing your fishing moments.


Embrace the Unique at Pacific Parallax:


Pacific Parallax stands apart with its commitment to offering you this remarkable option. We've invested extensively to provide the GAF program, ensuring you have the freedom to make the most of your halibut fishing experience. 


The cost of acquiring a GAF halibut is approximately $600 per halibut. While this might appear as an additional expense, the value of halibut fillets at retail prices can often outweigh this cost. Not to mention all of the additional processing cost.  


Your Ultimate Halibut Fishing Adventure:


Join us at Pacific Parallax for an unparalleled fishing experience where boundaries are pushed and possibilities are expanded. The GAF program embodies our commitment to providing you with more than just a fishing trip—it's a journey that unveils a world of opportunity on the open ocean. 

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