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Experience Unparalleled Fishing with Pacific Parallax

Step aboard Pacific Parallax, a flagship among Prince of Wales Island's charter boats, offering you an extraordinary journey into the heart of Alaska's aquatic wonderland. What sets us apart? We boast not only size but also comfort and innovation. As one of the few fishing vessels equipped with a fully functional marine head, your fishing adventure is complemented by modern convenience and sustainability.

Guided by Expertise, Anchored in Tradition

Our Captain, Aaron Bean, is a true Alaskan native hailing from Sitka. With an entire lifetime spent navigating Alaskan waters, he brings a deep-rooted understanding of the region's fishing terrain. Anchored by tradition and driven by passion, Captain Aaron offers you the opportunity to troll for salmon—an experience that will etch itself into your memory, compelling you to return for more.

A Day of Adventures, A Lifetime of Memories

Your day with us begins with an epic morning of Prince of Wales salmon fishing, an adventure that seamlessly transitions to halibut fishing. The halibut holes we explore promise good-sized catches in the range of 20-40lbs, but the thrill of reeling in a larger catch is always a possibility, see GAF tab

A Captain's Legacy, An Unforgettable Voyage

Captain Aaron Bean's Alaskan roots are deeply woven into his fishing prowess. With a lifetime spanning commercial, charter, and sport fishing, his wealth of experience is channeled into crafting your once-in-a-lifetime Prince of Wales fishing trip. Thousands of satisfied clients have enjoyed Aaron's guidance, returning year after year. His commitment to ensuring you catch the main species and leave with a heart full of joy is unwavering.

Tailored Charters, Limitless Possibilities

Join us aboard Pacific Parallax for a Prince of Wales Island fishing charter like no other. Throughout the summer, we target robust halibut and spirited salmon, creating lasting memories in the midst of breathtaking scenery. Additionally, we offer charters that focus on rockfish, lingcod, and black cod. Whether you seek a specific species or want to explore the diverse waters, reach out to us to secure your spot for the 2024 season! 

Elevate Your Fishing Experience

Captain Aaron stands proudly as one of the top producers in his field, driven by the satisfaction of putting you on the fish. Your journey starts Aaron, who eagerly awaits your booking for your next Prince of Wales Island fishing charter. Get ready to immerse yourself in an adventure that celebrates the essence of Alaskan fishing.

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Only good things can come ​from combining luxury and passion.

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